The Best Guns in Battlefield 2042 - Tier List (2023)

Battlefield 2042 is now fully out and playable for everyone. We've been playing a whole lot of it lately, and have finally put together our thoughts on the best Battlefield 2042 guns in the form of a tier list.

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Of course, the meta is always changing, so bookmark this page to keep up to date with everything Battlefield 2042, particularly when new patch notes come out. We've got full loadout guides on the guns with their best attachments, secondaries, throwables, and gadgets too, so you can dive even deeper into the game!

Table of contents

Top Tier


Our favourite weapon in Battlefield 2042, the LCMG can do it all. It has power, the ability to shred enemies at a middle distance, and even challenge snipers if you're confident enough.

Check out our guide for the best LCMG loadout if you want more information - we've gone into great depth there.


The PP-29 is an SMG with a shockingly long range. Compared to its rivals in the category, it can actually compete with Assault Rifles, and its ammunition capacity is absolutely delightful.


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We have a helpful page on the best PP-29 loadout too if you're interested!


The K30 is an absolute savage at close ranges. With an absurd fire rate and damage that isn't even half bad, the K30 is reminiscent of the Vector from other shooters. Its time-to-kill potential is wild.

We've put together a handy guide showing you the best K30 loadout too, so give that a look for in-depth detail!


The MP9 is the quintessential SMG. If you're liking the close-range damage output of the K30 but want something with a slightly more controllable rate of fire, the MP9 is exactly the weapon you're after. It absolutely destroys enemies extremely quickly.

Here's the best MP9 loadout to help you deck it out right!


High Tier


The SVK is a really strong marksman rifle, working somewhat like a sniper in the right circumstances. It's a hefty piece of kit with a fast enough fire rate to get those follow-up shots to finish off your opponents. It's the perfect midpoint weapon to use in any situation.

Check out our best SVK loadout guide for more information on how best to use this gun!


The SWS-10 is the sniper rifle you'll have access to first in the Battlefield 2042 open beta, and you'll need to be absolutely on point to make it work. You can one-shot enemies with a headshot if you're particularly talented, and take out baddies without them even seeing you (something we're always getting killed by).

If you want to maximise your sniping ability, have a look for our best SWS-10 loadout, including the secondaries, throwables, and everything in between.


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The M5A3 is your standard assault rifle for Battlefield 2042. It's got range, decent power, and is pretty much the go-to gun you should pick if you're not sure what to do. There's the issue with bullet spread with ARs making it a touch unpredictable, but it does a really solid job regardless.

Why not have a look at our page for the best M5A3 loadout for more detail on the gun? It's a really fun one to use too!


The AK-24 is a pretty strong weapon with a really interesting niche. It's got a massive amount of ranged potential if you deck it out with the correct loadout, and when you play your cards right, it can utterly shred even LMG-users.

For more information, have a look at our pick for the best AK24 loadout - it should help you figure out your build!


Slightly more mobile than the K30, the PBX-45 is a nice, bog-standard SMG. Thankfully, in Battlefield 2042, bog-standard SMGs are super useful! Just make sure you're avoiding long-ranged combat, and this weapon will serve you nicely.

If you fancy a bit more juicy detail, you could check out our page for the best PBX-45 loadouts too! C'mon, you know you want to.

Mid Tier


The DXR-1 is a hefty fella, perfect for bonking baddies from across the map. However, if you're skilled enough to use the SWS-10 to a high level, you won't gain too much from using the DXR. They both kill enemies in a single headshot, they both hold their damage at range, and they can both be decked out for better accuracy. The DXR just has slightly worse handling and a slower rate of fire.

It's all good though. We have the best DXR-1 loadout to help you improve with it too.


The AC-42 is an interesting weapon. It requires you to use a burst fire mode unlike the other ARs in the game, and provides solid accuracy. The burst fire isn't for everyone though, and we found it a tad frustrating to use in actual Battlefield situations.

(Video) The ULTIMATE Battlefield 2042 Tactic Tier List



The MCS-880 is a strange gun. At the moment, we haven't found a good use for this shotgun, although you can boost its range with slugs rather than buckshot. Unfortunately, it suffers at range against ARs and LMGs (obviously), and it struggles to keep up with SMGs close-up if you don't hit every shot.


The PKP-BP is a classic LMG with slightly higher bullet damage than its rival, the LCMG. Unfortunately, it's just not as powerful in practice. With awful handling and much less reliable accuracy stats, you're much better off with the LCMG in most situations.

Regardless, it's a fun one to try out, especially with our best PKP-BP loadout!


The DM7 is an okay weapon to use, but it just doesn't feel as reliable as the likes of the SVK. It's obviously for range, but when your LCMG can butcher foes from miles away anyway, then its niche is somewhat limited. We'll see if it makes it into the meta as the Warzone DMR did though!

If you're hungry for more, have a look at the best DM7 loadout guide right here on Gfinity!

Low Tier


The NTW-50 is down in low tier, but that isn't because it's a strictly terrible gun! It's just so situational. The NTW-50 is an anti-materiel rifle, meant for utterly destroying vehicles up to 1500m away (according to the game). It's just too heavy and unreliable to use in normal gameplay though.

Grab yourself a squad of friends with co-ordinated goals though, and you could be the designated vehicle destroyer if you fancy!

(Video) Battlefield 2042 - All Weapons RANKED From Worst To Best! (After Latest Update)


We love a cheeky marksman rifle. Unfortunately, the VCAR just lacks the versatility we're looking for in a weapon, though. It's meant for close-range encounters with its low damage and fast fire rate, but you'll need a high-level trigger finger to get even close to good results with this thing.


12M Auto

It's a fully-automatic shotgun, so at close range, it should dominate. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite do what you'd like it to do, and you'll end up killed off by more SMG users than you'd like to admit.

It's super fun to run around with though, so give our best 12M Auto loadout a good look if you want to try this weapon!


The SFAR-M GL just doesn't do anything quite as well as it should. Its firepower is the highest of all the assault rifles, but without a fast rate of fire and range values to match, it's basically a worse version of an LMG. It does have an underbarrel grenade launcher as standard though, which is pretty cool at least.

If you really fancy giving it a go though, check out our best SFAR-M GL loadout guide!

GVT 45-70

This lever-action rifle is an old-school piece of kit. With a maximum of six bullets available in the chamber and an excruciatingly slow fire rate, you'll struggle to deal a great deal of damage with the GVT 45-70. Stick to real snipers or marksman rifles.


Remember, more guns will keep being added with all the Battle Passes and seasons that get released, so don't fret if this isn't quite enough for you right now! There's always Battlefield Portal to whet your appetite.

We'll keep this tier list updated for you to make sure you're in the know with the best guns to use.


In the meantime, why not learn more about the best Battlefield 2042 settings, or keep your Battlefield appetite satiated with some Battle Pass info?


What is the most powerful gun in Battlefield 2042? ›

The 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Battlefield: 2042
  • DM7.
  • SFAR-M.
  • AK-24.
  • PBX-45.
  • SWS-10.
  • M5A3.
  • K30.
  • LCMG.
24 Aug 2022

What gun should I use in Battlefield 2042? ›

PKP-BP – The Best Weapon in Battlefield 2042 Right Now

These stats make the PKP-BP objectively the best weapon, if not the same, compared to all SMGs or assault rifles in the game. The only drawback of this weapon is that you will have to pre- aim quite often.

What gun has the least recoil in Battlefield 2042? ›

Some good early-game guns with low recoil are the LCMG and the PP-29, but they might need some attachments to be decent. The PP-29 is even considered one of the best starting weapons in Battlefield 2042.

Does Battlefield 2042 have bullet drop? ›

2/10 Pay Attention To Bullet Drop

If you like to do some sniping, then you're in for a treat because the snipers in Battlefield 2042 are actually quite good. That being said, you need to be aware of bullet drop when using these long-ranged weapons. The bullets in the game don't fire in a perfectly straight line.

Does Battlefield 2042 have AK D? ›

They did the thing everyone asked for, but not everyone is satisfied with the change.

Is Battlefield 2042 a success? ›

EA admits Battlefield 2042 flopped, but would have been less than 10% of annual revenue anyway. "Some of the design choices did not resonate with everyone in our community."

Can any class revive in Battlefield 2042? ›

To revive a fallen teammate in Battlefield 2042, look for the blue EKG symbol (the heartbeat monitor) appearing on the battlefield. If it's a squadmate, the symbol will appear green. Remember, medics can revive anybody, whereas squadmates can only revive others in their squad.

Is there a one shot sniper in Battlefield 2042? ›

The Best Sniper Rifles

The best Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 2042 is the DXR-1. However, there is another sniper rifle that you can use well in the game quite well, the SWS-10. We do not recommend the NTW-50, even though it has the potential to take down your target with a single body shot.

Why is 2042 hard? ›

The problems gamers are having with BF2042 are manifold and widespread. These include annoyance with the game's cheesy voice lines, dissatisfaction with map design and map variety, frustration with bad bullet spread that makes accurate shooting incredibly difficult and a lack of game modes.

What game mode gives the most XP in Battlefield 2042? ›

The Fastest XP Farm. The best XP farm in 2042 is using Casper's Drone or Prox Sensors to mass-spot targets in Breakthrough. Every enemy you spot in Breakthrough gives you 5XP.

Do Kills matter in battlefield? ›

When you die your Ratings will reset and you'll have to earn them back in your next life. Kills don't matter as much when everyone can just respawn, so in place of the Kill Leader, the player with the highest Rating will be the Ratings Leader, the player who is really doing the most.

Is there a javelin in Battlefield 2042? ›

The FGM-148 Javelin is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2042. It is available exclusively in the Battlefield Portal for the BF3 Engineer kit.

Will Battlefield 2042 add more guns? ›

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 introduces a new feature called Assignments, which are progression tracks that allow players to unlock more weapons that were previously available only in Battlefield Portal. The M60E3 and M16A3 are the first two, with more to come in the future.

Why is my gun shooting on Battlefield 2042? ›

To fix the auto-fire bug in the Battlefield 2042 beta: Unplug or disable any controllers that may be connected and play with mouse and keyboard. Go to the game's menu and choose Settings/key bindings/soldier.

What's a good KD in Battlefield? ›

A person who has kd between 2 and 4 is a good player and has good gaming skills. He can be compared to a pro player. A person who has kd above 4 is a pro player and has high gaming skills.

Does Battlefield 2042 Fill with bots? ›

Battlefield 2042 uses bots to fill servers so your matches are always full. Rank and file. DICE has revealed new information about Battlefield 2042 and confirmed how bots work in the game. In a post on EA's website, DICE discussed the addition of AI soldiers to the series with Battlefield 2042.

Is EA losing money Battlefield 2042? ›

"We know it flopped": EA admits to poor Battlefield 2042 performance, having kept annual forecasted revenue share at 10% Electronic Arts have finally admitted the colossal failure of their Battlefield 2042, but according to the publishers, it was supposed to share a big chunk of the revenue anyway.

Should I play Battlefield V or 2042? ›

Battlefield V does many things better than Battlefield 2042, despite the latter being the more recent title. While there are individualities in both titles, they belong to the same series. Given the relative proximity between the two release dates, both stay relevant in today's market.

How long did it take to make 2042? ›

Battlefield 2042 started life as a battle royale game, development took 18 months - report.

Can I get Battlefield 2042 refund? ›

Those who have not yet played over two hours or have purchased the game within the past two weeks can receive their reimbursement through the standard refund method on Steam. This process can be done by selecting the straightforward option of "I'd like to request a refund."

Can I refund Battlefield 2042 after playing? ›

You can request a refund within 72 hours after you first launch the game instead of 24.

How can I revive my angel? ›

For those playing either Maria or Angel, you can revive anyone on your team regardless of whether they're in your squad or not. When someone is killed, you will see a circle appear over their corpse with a heartbeat line. Approach them and press X (Xbox)/Square (PlayStation) to pull out your defibrillator unit.

Can you cheat Battlefield 2042? ›

But yes, unfortunately, cheats are available for Battlefield 2042.

Can you solo XP in Battlefield 2042? ›

Battlefield 2042 XP & Unlocks For Co-Op And Portal Mode

Like solo, kills and assists count toward unlocks in weapons and vehicles. However, like solo, the cap applies, reducing XP to a fraction of what it would be in a regular online match against players.

Has Battlefield 2042 got any better? ›

Battlefield 2042 continues to be a far cry from what a suitable title in the franchise once used to be. While there have been improvements, they have come too late and not in enough amount.

Is the AK good in Battlefield 2042? ›

The AK24 is one of the best assault rifles in Battlefield 2042.

Is Battlefield 5 or 2042 better? ›

Battlefield V does many things better than Battlefield 2042, despite the latter being the more recent title. While there are individualities in both titles, they belong to the same series. Given the relative proximity between the two release dates, both stay relevant in today's market.

Is Battlefield 2042 a hard game? ›

At the simplest level, Battlefield 2042 just feels like a chore. Customising loadouts is hard work, getting your hands on a vehicle is hard work, working out what you've unlocked is hard work.

Did Battlefield 2042 make money? ›

"We know it flopped": EA admits to poor Battlefield 2042 performance, having kept annual forecasted revenue share at 10% Electronic Arts have finally admitted the colossal failure of their Battlefield 2042, but according to the publishers, it was supposed to share a big chunk of the revenue anyway.


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