The 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Battlefield 2042 - (2023)

The 10 Most Powerful Weapons In Battlefield 2042

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From assault rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns to sniper rifles and shotguns, find out which Battlefield 2042 weapons are most powerful.

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For the upcoming 17th installment of the popular first-person shooter series, Battlefield: 2042 promises to increase its arsenal of high-tech and futuristic weapons with which players can destroy their enemies. One of the big changes for the franchise this time is the absence of single-player mode, making the best and most powerful weapons tailored specifically for multiplayer gameplay.

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From lethal assault rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns to ultra-deadly shotguns, sniper rifles, and much more, Battlefield: 2042 boasts some of the most devastating weapons of any recent first-person shooter game.


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While handguns are usually the least effective weapons in the most popular first-person shooters, the M44 Taurus in Battlefield: 2042 shatters the stereotype by offering players a semiautomatic .44 Magnum hand cannon to destroy enemies with a single head or torso shot.

In addition to firing antimaterial rounds and coming with upgraded 4x scopes and a speedloader to keep the bullet cartridges fresh, the M44 can pump up to 18 rounds per clip with an extended magazine. The powerful sidearm handgun is perfect when fighting enemies on the run and maintaining mobility on the battlefield.


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As any bona fide FPS gamer knows, blasting enemies up close with a shotgun is the most effective way to deliver maximum damage. In Battlefield: 2042, the best shotgun a player can obtain is the MCS-880, a futuristic pump-action firearm that packs a major wallop.

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Outfitted with a hefty 75 power rate, holographic fusion, and iron sight scopes, buckshot, and slug shells, the MCS-880 is the ideal weapon to use in a jam when facing opponents in tight quarters. A single headshot will kill an enemy on the spot.


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Akin to the notorious AR-15, the DM7 is a powerful semiautomatic carbine assault rifle that can fatally waylay opponents with as little as three shots. The gun increases its devastation rate by using a 15-round mag that fires high-power ammo and antimaterial rounds with devastating efficiency.

Designed for sustained shootouts at mid to long range, the DM7 becomes even more powerful when upgraded with a Cobra Grip to keep the firearm steady and allow more focus on the target, a tactical compensator to increase accuracy, and the custom high-power ammo that decreases the number of bullets but dramatically increases the pure force of each round.


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While the AK-12 is a worthy competitor, the SFAR-M heavy assault rifle is an upgraded version of the SCAR-H model from previous Battlefield games. With both fully and semiautomatic firing modes that can produce up to 625 rounds per minute, the gun is absolutely ideal for chopping down large enemy battalions at any range.

What the SFAR-M may lack in damage per bullet, it more than makes up for with its high-powered output of relentless gunfire. Whether using a .762 mm bullet or close quarters combat variation, the SFAR-M is one of the most devastating assault rifles 2042 has to offer.


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When looking to deliver as much damage as possible from far range, the AK-24 is the absolute perfect weapon to do so. The high-powered, fully automatic assault rifle may take longer than most to fire, but it inflicts far more damage on a per-shot basis than most of its competitors.

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The reliable workhorse becomes even more formidable when outfitting it with a K8 Holographic, Bravo 3x, and Maul Hybrid 1.5-3x scopes to increase accuracy, Cobra Grip to increase handling, and high-power ammunition rounds that substantially increase the gun’s damage rate. Few assault rifles in the game outrank the AK-24.

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Upgraded from the previous PBX-9 model, the PBX-45 is a bog-standard light machine gun that is powerful enough to mow down a squadron of enemies with ease at mid t0 short range. The fully automatic firearm uses a wrapped suppressor and extended barrel to deliver as much damage as possible while remaining undetected.

Whether using standards issue bullets or the fatally penetrable high-power ammo round, the PBX-45 is an ideal weapon to use when taking on a large group of enemies within medium range. With high accuracy, fast reload times, and a sizable magazine, it’s the best LMG and one of the strongest video game weapons in recent memory.


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As any Battlefield fan knows, sniper rifles are extremely important for strategically taking out enemies at long range. When looking to assassinate a key general in 2042, pick up the trusty SWS-10 sniper rifle and its powerful assortment of ammunition.

Able to fire .762×51 mm NATO, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, the rifle can deliver versatile damage depending on the scenario. With its M11 6x and Raven 4x scope to increase visibility, the bolt-action sniper rifle can take out enemies with a single headshot. Even cooler, it comes with close combat rounds for taking on soldiers at closer range than most sniper rifles.


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The most powerful assault rifle to use in the underrated first-person shooter belongs to the M5A3, the highly efficient and fully automatic chopper that uses a 6.8x51mm SIG cartridge. This bad boy can use standard issue, close combat, and high-power ammo rounds to deliver maximum damage at all ranges.

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As the quintessential AR in the game, the M5A3 is easy to use by both beginners and experts alike, making it one of the most reliably powerful weapons in the game. By adding the 40mm HE extended barrel, the gun will deliver extra force with each round. What the gun lacks in stock accuracy it atones for with its Fusion Holo scope and Cobra Grip handle.


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When players haven’t the time or patience to reload shotguns while fighting up close, the best alternative option is clearly the K30, a swift SMG equivalent to the classic Vector from other popular FPS games such as Call of Duty. With a breathless rate of fire and an above-average rate of damage, the K30 is one of the most powerful video game weapons that is awfully hard to outmuscle.

With an unparalleled time-to-kill potential, the SWS-10 can be fortified with an extended magazine, K8 holographic scope, and Cobra Grip, all of which increase the gun’s output and accuracy.


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When it comes to the most well-rounded of powerful weapons in Battlefield: 2042, look no further than the LCMG, a lightweight assault machine gun that can absolutely annihilate enemies at short, mid, and far range. With its devastating .762 bullet size, fully automatic firing mode, and antimaterial rounds, the firearm fuses the efficacy of an LMG with an AR to become a vicious killing machine.

Bolstered by its Shan 2.5x scope to rival snipers and an Arcom tactical muzzle break to keep enemies clueless of upcoming attacks, the LCMG is extremely easy to wield while stacking up more kills than one can count.

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