How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (2023)

Here’s a fantastic question from a reader looking for a solution to keep pants from falling down!


I have the same problem as a lot of middle-age guys:

– Growing Middle

– Shrinking Butt

– Pants keep falling down, don’t fit right, and won’t stay up where I want them to

– Shirt won’t stay tucked in

I’ve been looking at two approaches to these problems:

1) Compression undergarments, to shape the body a little bit and

2) Shirt locks, Strapless Suspenders, Hidden Tailor, etc. to keep the shirt tucked in and pants up.

I haven’t seen anything about these two being used in combination, though.

Any suggestions or recommendations?


Top Questions I’m Asked

Before we get to answering Dan’s question, here are the top 6 questions I receive about this topic.

How do you keep your pants from falling down? How to keep them up?

The best and most common way to keep your pants up is to wear a belt or belt alternative like the ones listed in this article.

What if my belt won’t hold up my pants?

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If your belt doesn’t keep your pants up, it’s possible you have a big belly, flat butt, or both. When this is the case, wearing suspenders or a suspenders alternative, like the ones listed in this article, will be your next best bet.

How do I keep my pants up if I have a big belly or stomach?

Suspenders or a suspenders alternative, such as PantsProp or Hikers, are the best ways to keep your pants from falling down if you have a big belly. See below for more information and links.

How to keep pants from falling down without a belt?

If you prefer not to wear a belt, you can keep your pants up a number of ways including: having your pants tailored to fit you more precisely, wear suspenders or suspender alternatives, wear an elastic belt, buy pants with an elastic waistband, or try solutions like the ones outlined in this article below.

Why won’t my pants stay up? Why do my pants still fall with belt?

The most common reason your pants won’t stay up is related to your body shape and how your pants fit your particular body type. If you have a larger waist (big belly) and smaller hips & butt, it’s much easier for your pants to fall down.

Thankfully, there are several solutions below that can help.

How To Easily Keep Pants from Falling Down

Heya Daniel,

Good to hear from you buddy and thanks for your question!

You most certainly can wear a slimming/shapewear undershirt with something that helps keep your pants up.

Assuming you’re wearing a tucked-in shirt, whatever product you use to keep your pants up will go on the outside of your shirt, and will not come in contact with your undergarments.

Even if you don’t tuck in your outer shirt, if something like Hidden Tailor came into contact with your compression under-clothing, I can’t see that causing any issue.

Keep in mind that Hidden Tailor is a product that should help keep your shirt tucked.

It’s also worth noting that compression clothing & shirt tucking solutions are really serving two different problems, neither of them are specifically designed to keep your pants up.

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To see more about shirt tucking solutions, check out my Best Ways to Keep Your Shirt Tucked article.

How to Prevent Your Pants From Falling Down With or Without a Belt

  • Wear suspenders (more on this below)
  • Try suspender alternatives like PantsProp, Hikers, NoSaggs (more solutions below)
  • Clip the side of your Pants (see BeltBro & SkinnyClip below)
  • Tailor your pants to optimally fit your waist & body
  • Buy pants with side tabs / side adjusters
  • Buy pants with an elastic waistband
  • Make sure you have purchased the right pants waist size

Products That Help Keep Pants Up

It goes without saying, if you’re really having a problem keeping your pants up, traditional suspenders (Amazon) would be something to consider.

But, I suspect you don’t want to wear suspenders, otherwise you probably would have mentioned it.

Still, if your pants keep sliding down, and you’re looking for some suspender alternatives, here are some that I think are worth mentioning.

Hikers Hidden Suspenders

Designed to be worn under your untucked shirt, Hikers suspenders alternative has a completely unique design. One simple attachment point at the front button hole of your pants, and one at the back.

As an added bonus, Hikers will never pop off your pants like most suspenders, thanks to their innovative fastening method. Made in USA. Free shipping to USA residents.

Where to buy:

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (1)
How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (2)


This is more of a belt alternative, however, may actually work better than using a belt. Most belts have holes, and as such, they can either fit too loose or too tight.

You attach BeltBro to the belt loops of your pants, on each side, then tighten to your exact preference. It’s lightweight, stretchy, and best of all is buckle-free!

Where to buy:

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (3)


PantsProp (patent pending) is a super cool silicone grip designed to prop up your pants and keep them from falling down past your hips.

You attach it to the bottom of your shirt just below your belt line, one on each side, and it creates a slight ridge for the waistline of your pants to sit on. Use in conjunction with your favorite belt. Free shipping to USA residents.

Where to buy:

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (4)
  • How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (5)
  • How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (6)

Note: If you’re looking for PantsPal, that is a not-yet-released sister product to PantsProp. PantsPal utilizes a threaded screw-type attachment, vs the ring attachment of PantsProp. PantsPal may be released sometime in the future, but for now the initial launch product is PantsProp.


NoSaggs is a belt with an integrated ridge in the back, worn on the outside of your tucked shirt or undershirt.

Once the ridge sits right underneath your belt, it will help your pants stay up. The belt will also help keep your shirt tucked.

Where to buy: Amazon

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How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (7)

Skinny Clip

Skinny Clip® is a simple device for tightening the waistband of pants or skirts. Simply slide Skinny Clip® onto your waistband, twist and clip.

Works with all fabric, pants, shorts, jeans, slacks and skirts.

Where to buy: Amazon

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (8)


PantsUp is a solution that is comprised of silicone-like cubes that attach toward the bottom of your undershirt or shirt, on either side, in proximity to your hipbone.Once attached, it creates a ridge that sits right below your belt line.

Where to buy: Amazon & Etsy

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (9)

Belt Boss Invisible Belt Suspender/Shirt Stay

Belt Boss is a clip that attaches to your undershirt.

The backside of the clip goes on the inside of your undershirt. The front side of the clip fastens from the outside, with the undershirt in between.

The front of the Belt Boss has U-shaped hooks that are designed to be placed under the front of your belt.

Designed to keep the front of your shirt tucked, assists with keeping the sides of your shirt tucked, and looks like it would also help keep your pants from falling down.

Where to buy: Amazon

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (10)
How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (11)

Under-Ups Hidden Undergarment Suspenders

Made by the folks at HoldUp Suspender Company, these hidden suspenders are made from a super comfortable material similar to what thick ace bandages are made from.

Since these are worn under your clothing, you aren’t able to wear them if you’re planning to tuck in your shirt.

Available in tan, beige and black. Airport-friendly versions available too.

Where to buy: Amazon

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (12)

Super Grip Strapless Suspenders

Invisible suspender that will hold your pants and shirt in place during any normal activity. Also acts as a shirt stay and invisible belt.

Where to buy: Amazon

Freddy’s InvisibleBelt

Adhesive gripping tabs you stick to the inside of your pants waistline.

Helps keep pants up and shirts tucked in by way of friction.

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Where to buy: Amazon

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (13)


Similar to NoSaggs, once you attach Magnetuck to your shirt, it creates a bit of a ridge that your pants can sit on top of.

You can see more information about Magnetuck in my article about how to keep shirts tucked, or jump directly to Amazon to learn even more.

Where to buy: Amazon

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (14)

Men’s Padded Underwear

If you’re still wondering on how to keep pants up, and looking for alternative ways, here’s a fun idea. Find some men’s underwear (briefs or boxer briefs) with pads in the backside to make your butt look more pronounced.

Here are some padded underwear options:

  1. RounderBum butt enhancing padded trunk (Amazon)
  2. Leo padded enhancer boxer brief (Amazon)
How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (15)

The extra padding in the butt area could also help keep your pants up (:

You may want to keep that idea in mind as an alternative to buying a specific product to keep your pants up, like I mentioned earlier.

Subs: Keep Baggy Oversized Pants Up

This list wouldn’t be complete without a solution to keep your baggy oversized pants up.

How To Keep Pants From Falling Down. 13 Killer Solutions (16)

Subs are waist suspenders designed to keep your baggy pants up. The trend is referred to as sagging, and any one donning this urban fashion trend is wearing saggers (or baggy pants).

Attach the Subs belt to your waist, connect the clasps to the top of your saggers, and you’re ready to go.

Andrew Lewis, a Harlem entrepreneur & inventor of Subs, recommends wearing them with a belt, to ensure you maintain your own epic personal style.

Where to buy:

Bonus Hack: Hidden Stretch Belt

No sewing skills are required for this creative hack to keep your pants up.

Here’s a video that shows step-by-step instructions on how to add a hidden stretch belt to your existing pants!

Keeping Shirts Tucked

If you’re looking for ways to keep your shirts tucked, I’d recommend reading my Top 12+ Ways to Keep Your Shirt Tucked article.

Belt Alternatives

Please see my Belt Alternatives article for more products that can be used in place of or in conjunction with a belt.

What About An Undershirt Designed To Keep Pants From Falling Down?

This idea, courtesy of an inventor who conceptualized an undershirt with channel integrated toward the bottom of the undershirt.

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Within the channel, a soft “rod” (think styrofoam tube) would be placed, thus creating a perimeter ridge that could sit just below your pants waistline, secured by a belt.

For more details, please visit my Undershirt That Keeps Pants Up article.

Some links on this page provide me with a commission at no additional cost to you. See my affiliate disclosures page for more info.


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