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Firefighter Mayday

Firefighter Mayday:

  • Command will notify Dispatch to call a next ALARM and next Level Recall
  • After MAYDAYisacknowledgedall Fire Fighters, except the downed Fire Fighter(s), RAT Team and the MAYDAY Officer will switch to Zone A Channel 16 Norwood Mayday.

Dispatch Responsibilities:

  • Dispatch will monitor Fireground 1 (Channel 1) and MAYDAY Channel (Channel 16)
  • All Communications shall be on MAYDAY Channel 16 (Handheld Radio)
  • Channel 1 (one) will be for Fire Fighter Down Emergency Traffic Only
  • All additional runs will be held by Mutual Aid until the Mayday is Terminated.

Mayday Declaration Procedure:

Purpose-This procedure is intended to insure that all members operating an Emergency scene are aware that an Emergency Mayday Situation exist.

Policy-The rescue of a Firefighter in distress is extremely time sensitive. It is extremely important that a Firefighter DOES NOT DELAY in calling a MAYDAY when the circumstances dictate that such action is appropriate. The sooner Command is notified and a RAT Team, the greater the chances of the Firefighter(s) being successfully rescue.MAYDAY ti be used an ANY situation where a Firefighters life or safety is in jeopardy he/she is unable to definitively remove him or herself from the threatening situation or the IDLH environment. A Firefighter MUST DECLARE A MAYDAY when confronted by but not limited to the following situations:

  • Immediately upon a Firefighter believing he or she is disoriented or lost and unable to exit any existing IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) environment.
  • Immediately upon the sounding or detection of ones low air alarms and a Firefighter not being able to promptly be able to exit an IDLH Environment.
  • Immediately upon a Firefighter becoming trapped or entangled to the pint of requiring assistance.
  • Immediately upon a Firefighter sustaining ANY injury which impairs his or her ability to exit any existing any IDLH Environment
  • Immediately upon discovery of a vital PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Equipment problem which posses a substantial threat of harm and a Firefighter being unable to exit the IDLH Environment.
  • Immediately upon discovering of another Firefighter experiencing any of the above situations.

Fireground Mayday Procedure:The following procedure will be used to alert Firefighters on an Emergency of a Mayday.

Fire Fighter Responsibilities:

  • To clear all radio traffic on the Fireground Talk Group. The Firefighter requesting the Mayday shall perceive the message by repeating the word " Mayday Mayday Mayday Fire Fighter (NAME) Down'. Downed Firefighter should also broadcast location (Floor of Building, Side and Type of Flooring and any resources needed for Rescue (LUNAR= Location Unit Name Assignment and Resources Needed)
  • After Mayday isacknowledged.All Firefighters except the Downed Firefighter(s), RAT Team and the MAYDAY Officer will switch to Zone A Channel 16 Norwood Mayday. Norwoood Companies on Mutual Aid will go to Channel 16 of the assigned zone. All operations crews must keep at job assignments, unless ordered otherwise by Command. the best thing we can do is bring the situation under control.
  • Any crew finding a Firefighter down shall declare a MAYDAY using the above procedure, include Firefighter who is down, what crew found them and location and intended exit point. All Firefighters will switch to the Mayday Channel channel Except Finding Crew, Down Firefighter(s), RAT Team and Mayday Officer. RAT Team will move to assist with Rescue.

Command Responsibilities:

  • After MAYDAY is called, Command will acknowledge MAYDAY traffic.
  • Command will notify Dispatch to call a next Alarm, and next level recall.
  • Command will assign a MAYDAY officer to direct all RESCUE, and relay needs to Command.
  • Command will order all personnel not engaged in the Mayday operation to switch to Police/Fire Utility Channel.
  • Command willimmediately take a PAR after units switch to the new channel/talk group
  • After the MAYDAY is cleared, the incident Commander will decide how talk group reassignment will be handled.

Dispatch Responsibilities:

  • Dispatch will monitor Fire-Ground 1 (channel 1 ) and MAYDAY Channel (Channel 16)
  • ALL COMMUNICATIONS SHALL BE ON MAYDAY CHANNEL (Channel 16), fire Channel #1 will be for the FIREFIGHTER DOWN Emergency Traffic ONLY.
  • All additional runs will be handled by mutual aid, until Mayday is terminated.

Emergency Evacuation Signal:

The Incident Commander will activate the Emergency Evacuation Signal any time fireground situation exist that warrants the regrouping of all fireground personnel to their apparatus or a staging area for purposes of safety and accountability.

A PAR will be taken immediately following the Emergency Evacuation.

The Emergency Evacuation Signal Shall Be: Three (3) sequential sets of three (3) long air horn blast.

Operations Firefighter Accountability:

Purpose: To account for all firefighters, at any time, within a small geographical area, the "Hazard Zone" of an incident. Use of this system will provide enhancements of personal safety for the individual firefighter, and will provide the Incident Command staff an improved means to track and account for all personnel working in the Hazard Zone.

The Hazard Zone will be defined as any area that requires an SCBA or in which a firefighter is at risk of becoming lost, trapped, or injured by the environment or structure. This would include entering a structure reported to be ob fire, on the roof of a structure, operating in close proximity to the structure during exterior operations, confined space, or trench rescue. Etc.

Police Firefighter Accountability: In order to account for members working a the scene of an Emergency the following procedures will be as followed;

  • The accountability system includes a plastic holder for carrying the names of all member on the apparatus. They will be referred to as PASSPORT.
  • At the beginning of the tour all members will be responsible for completing the PASSPORTS. One will then be placed onto the plastic holder and attached to the door of the Driver's side so as to be in plain view of someone standing on the ground at the Driver's door. Another will kept ready to be used for turn in on mutual aid runs.\
  • At Roll Call the OIC will collect a PASSPORT Tag , before any work is done.
  • It is the responsibility of the company officer to ensure that the PASSPORT is accurate at all times and only contains the names of those members actually riding on the apparatus. Anytime a member's status on the apparatus changes, the PASSPORT must be updated.
  • The officer shall deliver Company Passport to the accountability Officer at the Command Post, when responding to Mutual Aid assignments and extra alarms, before any work is done.
  • Incident Commanders are responsible for on scene accountability on every emergency run. Command shall assign an Accountability Officer/Sector on all large incidents or hazardous incidents. Large-scale Incidents include

    1. Any Fire not under control or projected to be under control within 20 minutes (SCBA bottle change probable)
    2. Extra alarm fires or request of companies for additional manpower where the fire remains out of control.
    3. Hi Rise Fires
    4. Mutual given or requested
    5. Hazardous materials incidents
Accountability Procedures:

A Personnel Accountability Report (PAR) will be Utilized to account for members working at the scene of a hazardous incident. A PAR report is a roll call of all members working at the scene.

Norwood will use 2 types of PAR, to be decided by Command

  1. Working PAR - Members keep at assignments, and report
  2. Outside PAR - Members assemble outside, and report. As in the case of evacuation or as determined by Command.

  • For the Company/Assignment Officer, A PAR is a confirmation that the members assigned to his/her crew are visually accounted for.
  • The Officer/Senior man assigned will answer the PAR, and MUST make sure his/her crew is accounted for.
  • PAR report shall include the geographic location of the crew, and assignment.
  • Anytime crews change location in the building command should be notified.
Only the Incident Commander, Safety Officer, or Operations Sector shall institute a PAR report, except that a Sector may institute a PAR of units under his/her command if the Sector is operating on its own radio channel. If a sector PAR is requested, the Incident Commander or Operations must be notified before and after PAR is initiated.

'Dale Road Command stand by for a Working PAR'
Command "Command to Attack"
Attack "Attack, 2nd floor, C side, PAR 2 OK"
Command "Command to Ventilation"
Ventilation 'Ventilation =, Roof, A side, PAR 3 OK"
Command "Command to Utility"

Utility "Utility, Basement, A Side, PAR 2 OK"

Command "End PAR report, all members accounted for - Resume normal radio traffic.

During a PAR report, all units should refrain from using that channel unless the message is urgent or emergency in nature.

A PAR report should be initiated for the following situations:

  • Any report of a missing or trapped Firefighter.
  • Any Change fin an offensive to defensive operation.
  • Any sudden or unexpected event( Explosion, Backdraft, Collapse, Etc.)
  • When the fire is reported under control.
  • Anytime Command/Operations/Safety Officer feels the need.

Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) Devices Shall Be In Working Order and Worn At Every Hazard

Contacting Dispatch During An Emergency:

Whenever a member of the Fire Division cannot contact Dispatch in an Emergency Situation, use the term "Emergency Transmission" over the air to Dispatch that someone needs to contact them and that the transmission has priority over all others.

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