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CH 18 Firefighter Survival

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A good way to determine the personal air usage rate is through:

participation in an SCBA consumption rate exercise.

After company officers carry out a PAR, per order of the IC, what do they do next?

B) Report the results to the IC.

When initiating a Mayday, the acronym LUNAR is used to provide pertinent information. What does the "L" represent?

B) Location

Are hazardous conditions evident by observation?

They may or may not be.

What do company officers do when the IC requests a PAR?

Physically verify that all assigned members are present.

What is one basic method for staying oriented inside a low-visibility environment?

Staying in contact with the hose line

When rescuing a downed fire fighter, what is the first step once the fire fighter is reached?

D) Assess the downed fire fighter's condition.

The NFPA 704 placard indicates the presence of hazardous materials. Which shape is this placard?


How should on-call volunteer fire fighters assemble upon arrival at a fire?

Into companies

The program used to reactions to critical incidents from having a negative impact on a fire fighter's work or home life is called?


Who should practice some risk analysis at all incidents?


If one member of a company needs rehabilitation, who else from the company goes, if anyone?

All members of the company.

Which type of system is it that keeps track of every company or team of fire fighters working at the scene of the incident from the time they arrive until the time they are released?

Personnel accountability

What is one reason that team efforts are imperative in the fire service?

The intense physical labor involved in pulling hose or raising ladders

What is the acronym CISM?

Critical incident stress management

A standard approach to risk-benefit analysis should be incorporated into _________ for all fire departments.

the standard operating procedures

A rapid intervention company/crew is established for the purpose of:

A) rescuing fire fighters only.

What is one situation in which an obvious hazard is recognized and a standard solution is applied?

Wearing appropriate PPE in smoky conditions

Which of the following communications takes precedence over all other communications?

B) Mayday

Who is responsible for knowing the location of every member of a fire company?

The company officer

Complete this sentence: "We will extend a vigilant and measured level of risk to protect and rescue:

savable lives.

What happens to the personnel accountability passports at the scene of an incident?

B) They are left with a designee at the command post or hazardous area entry point.

Which term means that a fire company arrives at a fire together, works together, and then leaves together?

Team integrity

It has been shown that under great pressure, most people will revert to:


Which phrase is used to indicate an imminent fireground hazard, such as a structural collapse?

Emergency traffic

What does the R stand for in PAR?

B) Report

Which of the following is included in a LUNAR report when initiating a Mayday?

Resources needed

What is the most important reason for team integrity in firefighting operations?

Safety of personnel

What is the term for the process of reducing the effects of fatigue during an emergency operation?


When companies are working in SCBA, who determines the working time for the company?

Team member using air more rapidly than others on the team

What is the term for the crew assigned to stand by at the incident scene, fully dressed and equipped for action, ready to deploy when assigned by the IC?


A combination of three things is designed to protect fire fighters from the hazards during an interior attack. What is one of those three?


When one member of a fire company has to leave a structure to change an air cylinder, who else, if anyone, from the company exits, too?

All company members

What is the process called of comparing the positive results that can be achieved in an action with the probability and severity of potential negative consequences?

Risk-benefit analysis

When are company officers and safety officers involved in risk-benefit analysis?

B) On a continuous basis.

If there are no lives to be saved but there is a reasonable expectation that property can be saved, can fire fighters be committed to an interior attack?


A line-of-duty death, the death of a child, or the death of a person known to fire fighters are all examples of:

What is the term for a roll call taken by a supervisor at an emergency incident?

A personnel accountability report

If a fire fighter becomes disoriented, hold the male and female couplings in each hand. What will the couplings tell you?

C) Travel in the direction of the hand holding the male coupling.

What should company officers do if there is a change in the balance of risk to benefit in their perspective during an incident?

Report their observations and recommendations to the IC.

Should each team of fire fighters carry a portable radio?

Yes, at least one member of each team must maintain radio contact with the IC.

What is it that is defined as a systematic way to keep track of the location and function of all personnel operating at the scene of an incident?

A personnel accountability system

To verify the status of company members, which kind of contact must the company officer maintain with them?

Visual or physical

Which radio language is used to report a fire fighter in trouble and requiring immediate assistance?


What is the board to which fire fighter personnel accountability tags are attached sometimes called?

A passport

During a two-person rescue of a downed fire fighter, where does the first fire fighter grab to pull the downed fire fighter?

A) SCBA shoulder straps

Which piece of equipment can be used to rapidly fill a downed fire fighter's SCBA bottle under emergency conditions?

D) Universal air connection

What is one common method used to attach individual fire fighters' personnel accountability tags to the board on the apparatus?


A RIC SOP should dictate:

when a RIC is required.

What is the term for a temporary location that provides refuge while awaiting rescue or finding a method of self-rescue from an extremely hazardous situation?

A safe location

What does depositing the personnel accountability passport with the entry officer or command post indicate?

That those fire fighters are inside the hazard area

In the system of accountability, what should be requested at the occurrence of tactical benchmarks, such as going from an offensive to a defensive strategy?


The analysis of fire fighter fatalities and serious injuries has shown that fire fighters themselves often contribute to the deterioration of their situation. How?

By delaying calling for help when they need it

What is the OSHA standard that mandates the use of backup teams at incidents where operations are conducted in an IDLH atmosphere?

B) 1910.134

A rapid intervention company/crew can perform:

C) other fireground duties, as long as they are readily available for rapid intervention.

While the danger of firefighting should never be taken for granted or thought of as routine, a fire fighter has to learn to routinely:

follow safe SOPs.

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