Batman Arkham Knight Line of Duty ‘Firefighters Locations’ Guide (2023)

After imprisoning Poison Ivy, speak with Aaron Cash to acquire information on 15 missing firefighters scattered across the entire Gotham City. Each hostage is held by some thugs and freeing each one will take you one step closer to the final culprit.

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Batman Arkham Knight Line of Duty Most Wanted Mission

Do note that only 3 firefighters are available during Chapter #1, 2 during Chapter #2 and the rest during Chapter #5.

Leary Wood
Area: Bleake Island – Dixon Dock West

Leary Wood is held in the Dixon Dock West, inside a security office overlooking the main entrance. There will be a total of 5 bandits, two patrolling the area and 3 inside guarding the firefighter.

You will have to first eliminate the two bandits patrolling the Dock. Beware, they are equipped with firearms. Following that, grapple to the roof and drop a target through the fanlight. There are only a couple of enemies which are not hard to deal with.

You can turn on the fear takedowns to take out these enemies one by one. There also are five environmental takedown options in that room.

Area: Bleake Island – Chinatown

Head over to the northeast of the bridge to ACE Chemicals to find Adamson across the pier. Adamson is being held by a small number of unarmed thugs who are not difficult to tend to.

There will be a total of 6 unarmed bandits. You can easily eliminate these adversaries to rescue the firefighter. But beware the rioters outside, they may turn out to be reluctant to join in.

Area: Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights

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Scott is held captive on the pier in the far north side of Ryker Heights. Once you arrive at the area, deal with the sniper on the lighthouse and a jammer near the trade house on the south side.

For the sniper, you can fly up on him from behind taking him with surprise. The jammer will be blocking the detective mode. You will have to take the enemy operating it down as soon as possible. No doing that will cause hurdle while fighting other bandits.

After this, use the beams and grates to deal with other enemies and free the hostage.

Area: Bleake Island – The Caldron

Wyatt is held near the cranes between the lighthouse and Falcone Shipping. The hostage is held captive by three armed thugs so use your Predator Skills to tackle enemies from the crane and free the hostage.

You will also find three bandits patrolling the area outside which you will have to take care of first before entering the building. Following that, you can break into the compound where the firefighter is being held and use explosive gel on the weakened wall there to take them out quickly.

Area: Bleake Island – The Cauldron

Norman is held at the northeast edge of Falcone Shipping, right next to the water. In order to tackle the brute, make sure to use the Environmental Takedown with the overhead light. As for rest of the thugs, they are not hard to take care of.

The strong opponent among these bandits will not give up easily and you will have to use the beatdown on him. You will also find armed bandits near the water, use the jammer against their firearm.

Area: Bleake Island – Chinatown

You will find Ashley tied on a terrace in Chinatown. Grapple to the rooftop overlooking the area and use Fear Multi-Takedown to drop the armed thugs before tending to the thugs with knives using the Blade Dodge.

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When the enemies with blades attack, be sure to press and hold the counter key in order to dodge their attacks. Also, use the jammer against armed adversaries.

Area: Bleake Island – Chinatown

Cannon is held captive in the southern Chinatown, across the street from the Clock Tower. Use the Remote Electrical Charge to deal with the enemies equipped with Stun Sticks and use Fear Multi-Takedown to deal with the rest of the thugs in the area.

Unlike other hostage sites, you will find here enemies with tasers and shields. You will have to use the jammer and stomp them in order to fend off their attacks.

Area: Miagani Island – Mercy Bridge

Seven armed thugs hold Green captive on the east side of Mercy Bridge. It is advisable to use Fear Multi-Takedown from the ledge above, but you must be quick enough to deal with all the enemies or grapple up again in order to rescue the hostage.

The mercenaries here will also be armed and ready to kill you. So, make sure your fear meter is filled before you get into rescuing Green as it is an open site and is a bit harder than the others.

Area: Miagani Island – Kingston

Hill is one of the easiest hostages to rescue and is located next to the Gotham Herald Building. The unarmed thugs keeping Hill hostage are not matched for the Caped Crusader.

You will find a total of nine bandits here of which only one is armed. That is the one you have to look out for the most. You can choose to start with the same bandit and the rest will be a lot easier.

Area: Miagani Island – Kingston

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This hostage is located on the north side of the Grand Avenue Station with 6 Gun Turrets and about 4 thugs.

Head over to the south side of the area to find a switch and use the Remote Hacking Device to open it up. Once this is done, drive the Batmobile inside and deal with all the threats inside before freeing the hostage.

Alternatively, you can hack into one of the turrets. For doing that, you have to jump and land on one of the turrets near the enemy and disable it with the RHD. Then you will be able to fight the enemy without the risk of being shot by the turret.

However, beware to stay in the shooting range of that turret to avoid the attention of any other one of them.

Area: Miagani Island – Wayne Tower, southeast corner

You will come across about 9 armed thugs keeping Daniell hostage in the southeast edge of Wayne Tower.

Use your Disruptor to render the 3 gunmen on the farthest side useless. Use a Smoke Pellet in the middle of the group and use Fear Multi-Takedown to take down the thugs one by one before rescuing the hostage.

You can also use a large number of obstacles in the room to evade the enemy’s attack if you do not want to use the smoke grenade.

Area: Founders’ Island – outside Wayne International Plaza, north side

Drop on the enemies from above on the north side of Wayne International Plaza. You will have to deal with 8 unarmed thugs and 2 brutes holding Bliss captive.

When the fight begins, try to keep the enemies away from the ammunition boxes. They might prove to be much more cumbersome if that happens. Also, be sure to use beatdown on the brutes.

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Area: Founders’ Island – Port Adams

Use your Predator Skills to take down the 8 armed guards keeping Taylor hostage inside a control room in the heart of Port Adams. It is recommended to deal with the enemies one by one.

Area: Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights

Head over to the Urban rail Station in Ryker Heights to deal with about 11 thugs and 3 Brutes keeping Wilson hostage. Use your Fear Multi-Takedown to thin their ranks and drop them one by one to free the hostage.

Area: Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights, lower tier

Head over to the lower tier of Ryker Heights and use Winch Anchor Point in the northwest edge of the area to find an opening inside.

Once you come across your foes, use the Disruptor to deal with a couple of armed thugs followed by using Fear Multi-Takedown to finish rest of the group before freeing the hostage.

You will also come across a few electrified brutes. Use the EMP to un-electrify them followed by a stun with the cape and then use beatdown to end then. Remember that the un-electrification is only temporary and the current will be back in a while.

Chief Underhill
Area: Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights

Head over to the top floor of the City Vision Building in Ryker Heights. Use a grapple point to analyze the area to find 16 armed thugs roaming the area.

Use all your Predator Skills to deal with these thugs one by one. Chief Underhill will be guarded by another three thugs. Separate them using the Fear Multi-Takedown and eliminate them to complete the optional quest.

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Where is Station 17 fire crew? ›

Apparently the fire team of Station 17 have all been abducted and scattered around Gotham. They can be spotted by using the screenshots provided or your detective vision to spot large clumps of enemies surrounding a tied up person.

How do I get to Fireman lozar? ›

You'll need the Batmobile (briefly) to free Firefighter Lozar from his captors. Drive over to Ryker Heights and use the vehicle's winch to create an opening in the northwest edge of the building where Lozar is being held captive.

Where is the real Firehouse 51? ›

Firehouse 51: The Chicago Fire Department Engine 18 is a working firehouse that doubles as Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire. While most interior scenes are filmed on a set, all the exterior shots are filmed at the station at 1360 S. Blue Island Avenue.

Is Station 19 a real firehouse? ›

There is no real Station 19 in Seattle, which is part of the reason that the number 19 was chosen for the station on the show. Stacy McKee, the show creator, also tweeted that she oddly likes the number 19, further attributing to the choice. The station is a legend in the Seattle Fire Department.

Is Station 19 a real station? ›

While there is no actual 'Station 19,' the exterior images of the firehouse in the show are from a real firehouse in Seattle called Station 20, located in its Queen Anne neighborhood. The number 19 came from the show's creator, Stacy McKee, who chose it because it is one of her favorite numbers.

Are the fires in Station 19 real? ›

Most of the series is shot on the fake set, but the actors aren't wearing fake firefighter gear. And it's for their own safety. According to George, the fire is always real, never CGI. And since the actors love getting as close to the flames as possible while filming, that requires real uniforms and equipment.

Where is the last firefighter on Bleake Island? ›

Batman Arkham Knight - All Firefighter Locations (Bleake Island) - YouTube

What does knightfall protocol do? ›

The Knightfall Protocol was a plan that Bruce put into place sometime after the events of Arkham Origins (although he likely thought of it long before that). Essentially, he rigged Wayne Mansion and the Batcave to explode if his identity was ever uncovered.

Where are the burning bat symbols? ›

The building where the burning bat-symbol that points to Azrael's location is found is in northeastern central Miagani Island, between Kingston and Grand Avenue.

Is the 118 firehouse real? ›

The Los Angeles County Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Services (EMS), fire and rescue services and safe haven services for unincorporated Los Angeles County and for contract cities. Hours: Monday through Sunday, 24 hours per day.

Is Chicago Med hospital real? ›

Is Chicago Med a real hospital? Although Med is structured and mostly operates like a real hospital would — it continues to be one of the most medically accurate medical dramas currently on TV — the hospital itself is fictional. A real Chicago hospital did inspire its creation, though.

Which firehouse lost the most 911? ›

Captain Patrick J. Brown and his men were last known to be on the 35th floor of the tower before the North Tower collapsed. Ladder Company 3 received some of the heaviest casualties of any fire company in the FDNY.
New York City Fire Department Ladder Company 3.
Agency overview
5 more rows

Is Station 19 killing off Miller? ›

Station 19 lost one of its own as Dean Miller died from injuries sustained in the line of duty during tonight's crossover with Grey's Anatomy, which marked the last appearance of actor Okieriete Onaodowan.

Did Station 19 get Cancelled? ›

Station 19 has been renewed for a sixth season which will debut on October 6, 2022.

Why did they get rid of Miller Station 19? ›

While Miller's send-off on "Station 19" is nothing short of a heartbreaking stab of drama, Okieriete Onaodowan's actual reason for leaving the series is far less shocking. According to Deadline, the actor asked the producers if he could exit the show after Season 4, as he wanted to pursue other projects.

Who becomes captain Station 19? ›

Captain of Station 19. After Pruitt Herrera was forced to step down due to his health, Robert was named the new captain of Station 19 after a few months of selection. He said he wanted to start with uniform inspection, before the shift even started.

Who Quit Station 19? ›

Okieriete Onaodowan, who has played Seattle firefighter Dean Miller since “Station 19” premiered in spring 2018, has left the ABC drama. According to a source, Onaodowan asked to leave “Station 19,” which is now in its fifth season, feeling it was time to move on.

Is Station 19 written by Shonda? ›

Station 19 is an American action-drama television series created by Stacy McKee for ABC that premiered on March 22, 2018.
Station 19
GenreAction Drama
Created byStacy McKee
Based onGrey's Anatomy by Shonda Rhimes
22 more rows

What's better Station 19 or Chicago Fire? ›

While Station 19 has better personal character arcs, Chicago Fire has better romantic relationships. Matt Casey and Gabby Dawson are still talked about to this day and they have been over for almost two seasons. Kelly and Stella are still going strong and now there is the possibility of Matt and Brett.

How realistic is Chicago Fire? ›

Of the three, "Chicago Fire" is often hailed as the most realistic. In one Reddit thread, fans agreed that the fire fighting show does a great job portraying high intensity moments. Per Firehouse, when the show first premiered back in 2012, Chicago firefighters immediately praised the show for its authenticity.

What firefighter died on Station 19? ›

And ultimately, he died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. It's a devastating loss for fans of the show, because Onaodowan had been with the series from the beginning, and his character was a single father. Not only that, but Dean died moments after saving the life of the woman he loved!

Where is the last firefighter in Arkham Knight Bleake Island? ›

Batman Arkham Knight - All Firefighter Locations (Bleake Island) - YouTube

Where are the burning bat symbols? ›

The building where the burning bat-symbol that points to Azrael's location is found is in northeastern central Miagani Island, between Kingston and Grand Avenue.

Where is Azrael 4th location? ›

Azrael's fourth trial

Last trial takes place on a platform on a huge statue of Lady of Gotham that can be found on a separate island southwest from Bleake Island.

Where is Azrael fourth location? ›

Fourth Encounter

The fourth and final test takes place on the Lady of Gotham statue in the middle of the bay seperating the three islands.

How do I activate knightfall protocol? ›

You can only activate the Knightfall Protocol after getting 100% in the main game, in simpler terms, completing the story and all side missions. You'll get an option to activate it after 7 side missions, but this will not yield the full additional ending nor the trophy.


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