5 Best Firefighter Knives (2022)

Knives form part of our daily lives in whichever set-up you are in. whether you are indoors or outdoors, you may at a point require a knife to cut, slice, mince, or peal something.

However, knives play vital roles other than cutting or slicing; if you are a firefighter, military person, or police officer, you can describe a knife as one of the lifesaving pocket tools that is a must-carry whenever you are out on duty. Even though it is not applicable in every situation, it is wise to carry a firefighter knife with you as it may be the one that saves the day.

Today we are going to focus on the best knives for a firefighter. We dived to the deepest ends of the firefighting space in a bid to sift out the finest and most effective knives that you, as a firefighter, should always have in your toolbox anytime you’re out rescuing lives.

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs you can think of; imagine going into a burning building without any rescue tools or cover clothes. Probably, you might not come out alive. Therefore, before qualifying for the job, you must undergo some training to ensure you are well prepared and well equipped for the job.

Well, a good rescue knife should have some world-class features that will ensure there are no disappointments. It should be partly serrated, foldable, and made of quality materials to be effective in the field. It would be best if you settled for nothing but the best.

Nonetheless, over the years, different brands have been competing to be top in the industry. As a result, they have made products with the finest technology in existence to impress the consumers. With these developments, it has proved hard to choose the top-notch out of the vast alternatives in the market.

So, we have done massive research and come up with five top-level rescue knives that will significantly impress you with their attractive characteristics. Read through our selection of knives to make an informed decision on which one you will settle on.


Top 5 Best Firefighter Knives

#1 SOG Tactical Folding Knife

5 Best Firefighter Knives (1)

SOG Escape Tactical Folding Knife- 3.4 Inch Serrated Edge Blade...

  • QUICK ACCESS POCKET EMERGENCY KNIFE: The SOG Escape is a quick open tactical knife that serves well as a rescue knife for SWAT team, paramedics, and firefighters; measures 4.8 inches in closed length.
  • FIRST RESPONDER RESCUE KNIFE: Features a cord-cutting groove for cutting cords, lines and seatbelts; includes a glass breaker, wire stripper, and extra line cutter blade under the pocket knife handle.

This model opens our superlative list as the editor’s choice. The knife for firefighters has impressive features and is crafted with superior materials that make it upper-class. Though it is not high-end, it is well-engineered and with a magnificent design. If you are looking for a knife that will meet your precision to the letter, SOG Tactical Folding Knife will be the one for you.

When you are in a critical situation as a firefighter, you need an easily accessible and easy-to-use tool. The SOG tactical rescue knife is fast to open and deploy and serves best as a survival knife. It measures 4.8 inches when closed and fits when in firefighting clothes.

The strong knife boasts a One-hand opening mechanism and a Lock-back system. So, you can open it fast using one hand, especially when one of your arms is injured. In addition, the locking system is safe as it keeps the blade away from your fingers.

The knife is built with durable material for prolonged use. The 3.4 inches superior 9Cr18Mov hand-cased stainless steel is used for the blade and provides superb corrosion resistance and good edge resistance. In addition, it has a black finish that reduces light reflection, so you’ll still have a clear view of your space.

People tend to fear people who carry knives around; they are mistaken for thugs. So, lavishly, you carry this model all day and make it your own business using the reversible pocket clip. It allows for attachment to your belt or a backpack.

The knife arrives razor-sharp convenient for immediate use. Moreover, it is a multi-functional rescue pocket knife as it is 4-in-1. You can use it as an escape knife when trapped, a strap cutter, and a glass breaker. With this tool, you can enter the burning building and come out peaceful as if nothing happened.

The handle is made of Adonized aluminum 6061-T6 material, which provides exceptional grip and support. Additionally, it is soft and feels good on the hands. Lastly, good maintenance of the knife will ensure the knife lasts long and serve you better.


  • Durable 9Cr18MoV stainless steel.
  • It is razor-sharp
  • The piece offers extra functions for a knife.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.
  • Black finish that minimizes light reflection


  • The belt clip becomes loose after some time
  • Initially, the screw is so tight, making it hard for blade deployment; however, after using it, it becomes okay.

#2 TAC Force Assisted Opening Firefighter Rescue Pocket Knife

As a firefighter, you need quality and high-performing tools when you run into dangerous scenarios that need your attention. For example, the knife should be multi-functional, sturdy, and made of solid materials. If you nothing less than that, you are expected to have faults and even casualties because an inferior tool is used.

This unit has breathtaking features and a fantastic design that crowns it as the Top choice firefighter Knife. In addition, the knife is affordable and fits well in your budget. Moreover, you need not be a firefighter to carry It; it is a perfect EDC that anyone can have daily if an emergency occurs.

While you are out there, a flat blade is not enough to execute all tasks; you need a combined edge that will enable you to slice and tear through all types of materials, whether fibrous or soft materials, light or heavy materials. The blade of the TAC Force Pocket Rescue Knife meets the blade combination threshold, serrated and plain.

It has a spring-assisted opening mechanism that allows for the safe opening and closing of the knife. Also, it has a flipper action that enables fast deployment of the blade. With this feature, you can swiftly reach out to the knife and use it ASAP.

The unit is highly multitool, and you can use it to accomplish various tasks. For example, if you are looking for a belt cutter, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, etc., well, look no further as you can achieve all of these just by just purchasing this model.

The knife has a pocket clip for easy carriage that enables it to be attached to surfaces like belts or trousers. Also, it weighs 2.39 ounces making it lightweight to carry around all day. Moreover, it lays low in the pocket, and you may not notice that even you have it when you don’t need it.

The blade is extra sharp and can lead to injuries if carelessly handled. However, you can use a hook sharpener to sharpen the blade edge if you need extra sharpness. Generally, you get a high-performing knife that you will not regret ever purchasing.


  • Lightweight
  • Good design
  • Good grip
  • Safe opening and closing mechanism
  • Perfect EDC


  • The sharp blade might cause injuries

#3 StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

5 Best Firefighter Knives (3)

StatGear T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool - Folding Rescue Knife,...

  • AUTO EMERGENCY RESCUE TOOL – Multipurpose steel rescue tool perfect for saving lives. The blade, seatbelt cutter, window puncher, LED light and carrying sheath make it an essential for first responders OR ANYONE LOOKING TO BE PREPARED!
  • BLADE RUNNER – Made of 440c stainless steel, our razor sharp blade is a true steel! Partially serrated, this multipurpose blade is perfect for any emergency, cutting, sharing, slicing through obstacles.

If you are out there as a firefighter, you need a highly multi-functional tool to handle various situations with ease. Moreover, the apparatus will relieve you from the heck of having to carry many devices in your toolbox as it alone works wonders.

If you are looking for a multi-functional knife, the StatGear T3 rescue tool is the perfect pick. For example, the unit can function as a seatbelt cutter, window breaker, or cut ropes and straps. Hence, you will not be stranded the next time you are in the middle of a crisis.

The knife is well built with lasting materials that will ensure the longevity of the item. For the blade, superior 440c stainless steel is hardened to ensure the strength and compactness of the knife. Also, the belt cutter is made of stainless steel.

Emergencies do not choose time to occur; some may occur at night or in a poorly lit place. If you are caught in such circumstances, you will appreciate the 5-lumen LED flashlight at the rear of the handle. The light uses two disposable batteries located on the sides of the handle.

The knife comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath that protects the blade when not used for easy conveyance. Also, a stainless steel pocket clip allows for attachment to belts or jackets, plus the device is generally feathery and is not hefty.

The knife has fine artistry fit for almost every situation. A drop point partially plain and partially serrated blade makes the knife fit for all outdoor operations, whether combat, hiking, camping, or a rescue knife.

Lastly, the opening and closing of the knife are easy and secure. For example, It has a nub that enables one-hand opening. Isn’t that awesome? Also, the foldable knife has a functional blade locking system that is safe and convenient.


  • Multitool
  • A drop point design
  • It has a one-hand opening mechanism
  • Reasonable quality with window breaker.
  • Effective emergency tool


  • Hefty
  • The flashlight button can be triggered accidentally

#4 LED Flashlight Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife Firefighter

5 Best Firefighter Knives (4)

LED Flashlight Tactical Rescue Pocket Knife Firefighter

  • Overall Length: 8 Inches/ Handle Length: 4.75 Inches
  • Blade: Clip point, 1045 Stainless steel, Black anodized, Partially serrated

Cheap knives are often underestimated in the market. However, at times, we are forced by circumstances to purchase them instead of high-end items. But some inexpensive models work very well compared to other overpriced products that don’t perform to the required standards.

Of course, these low-priced models are not made from the same level of technology or quality materials as the expensive ones; they are built a bit dull and of inferior quality. However, the features present will function pretty well to meet your needs. If you are willing to sacrifice some high-end features, this model might work well for you. It’s the best low-end knife for firefighters.

The knife measures 8 inches in overall length, 3.75 inches blade length with a thickness of 2.75 mm. It also weighs pretty well at 6.4 ounces. With these well-tailored dimensions, the knife is set to handle various tasks and perform splendidly.

The emergency rescue knife is made of heavy, durable stainless steel materials that ensure you will interact with the knife for a long time. Heavy-duty 1045 stainless steel is used for the blade, and aluminum is used for the handle.

The blade has a clip point design, while the edge has a combined orientation that makes it suitable as a responder knife. Additionally, the handle provides for industrial grip and is well furnished with steel bolsters and steel inner linings.

Despite its low price, the device has other cool features that enable comfortable usage for every situation—for example, a steel pocket clip and an LED flashlight. So, let’s say the scene area has no lights; the flashlight will light the way with just a button press.


  • Combined blade edge orientation
  • Heavy-duty 1045 stainless steel
  • The handle has good grip
  • Affordable
  • The handle has steel liners and steel bolsters


  • Flimsy blade
  • The flashlight doesn’t cover a wide area

#5 TAC Force Spring Tactical Rescue Mini Pocket Knife

The value of a knife is seen in the material, design, and how it performs in the ground. When the knife performs splendiferously, we praise it and give it positive remarks and even recommend it to others. When it underperforms, we do the opposite; nobody likes disappointments. We all want the value of our investments.

In this section, we introduce to you a well-crafted firefighter rescue knife. The knife has a pleasant outlook that you will admire just at a glance. Moreover, it is made of supreme materials that guarantee immutability over a long period with high performance. Therefore, we found it wise to give it an honorable mention in our review.

TAC Force manufactures outstanding products, and this option is not an exception. It is made from the best workmanship you can ever imagine, and the results are captivating. If looks matter to you, this is the perfect match for you.

You are getting a convenient size and simple knife. The pink aluminum handle makes it attractive and loved, especially by women. If you are a female firefighter, we recommend this model to you.

The multi-functional rescue knife can perform a wide range of activities. For example, it can cut and pierce through surfaces, a seatbelt cutter, and a window breaker. In addition, it serves as a utility knife for outdoor adventures, a survival knife, or a tactical knife for self-defense purposes.

For easy opening and closing, it boasts a spring-assisted opening mechanism that is safe and fast. In addition, the flipper action allows for swift deployment of the blade, and the lock-back lock system enables the safe closure of the blade.

Lastly, the tool is made from high-performance materials that are solid and reliable. Also, the knife would make an ideal present for any fireperson in your life. You can appreciate their efforts by giving this durable pocket knife, which may significantly impact their productivity.


  • Beautiful outlook
  • Nice comfortable grip, even when using the knife with gloves.
  • Perfect gift for firepersons
  • Effective lock-back system
  • Simple and conveniently sized knife.


  • The handle is slippery when dumpy
  • The locking lever is small

How to Choose a Firefighter Knife

Choosing a firefighter knife is not an easy task. It is complex and requires one to pay total concentration to sift out the best. However, below are some key features you should look for in a firefighter knife.


Everyone wants to spend money on good quality, long-lasting, and valuable items. Therefore, you need to be keen so that you get a knife that fits your needs. The materials used should be durable, solid, and reliable to guarantee longevity.


Talking about size, it should have actual dimensions that are fit to make it a perfect EDC. In addition, it should be able to fit perfectly in a pocket or attached to the belt through the pocket clip. Also, it should be lightweight to ensure you have an easy time having it in your pocket all day. Keep in mind that you will also have other pocket tools with you.


A good grip enhances firmness and control. However, the handle determines the extent of a knife’s grip. Common handle materials include wood, metal, fiberglass, and leather. However, these materials each have their advantages and downsides. So, a tough and robust material should be used to ensure exceptional grip

Blade edge

Well, a firefighter knife should not be the same as a knife. The blade orientation should be pretty complex as the job’s nature. A combined edge, serrated and plain, should work well in a firefighter knife. The serrated part will help with the fibrous materials, while the plain part will do the other fine materials.


As it is a rescue knife, it should also be multi-functional. For example, it will not be wise to carry a whole toolbox into a fireplace; a knife that works as a window breaker, pliers, and a seatbelt cutter should be enough. Also, it should be used in other situations such as self-defense, hiking and camping adventures, and combat operations.


For excellent and effective performance, the knife should have the best artistry. In addition, the blade shape, folding mechanism, and safety measures should all be compact and intact. Finally, the design will determine a lot in the knife; how it is to be carried, its maintenance, and its usage.

Where to use a firefighter knife

After recommending the best firefighter knives in the industry, we narrow down on the utilization part. I know some of you who are not firefighters or upcoming firefighters may wonder why you need a knife when dealing with fire.

Some of the essential tools a firefighter needs to have in case of an emergency include safety clothes and safety gloves, a whistle, entry tools, e.g., a hammer, a flashlight, and a rescue apparatus such as a Benchmade hook knife and a rescue apparatus knife.

The knife is not the most important of all, but it is a must-carry as it may help in instances where the others can’t. For example, if the scene area has a window and you have problems entering through the main entrance, you might use the knife window punch feature to shutter the window to get inside. That might also be the case in a car.

Also, if the seatbelt in a burning car ties up a person, you can use the knife to cut off the tablet and rescue the person to safety. Generally, a rescue knife is designed for faster deployment and action in case of any emergency.

However, they are not entirely fixed for firefighting purposes; no, they can be carried when you are going out on a camping or hiking adventure, for home use, hunting purposes, or even combat expeditions. They are generally durable pocket knives that work in all situations including firefighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fixed blade knife or a folding knife?

Both are well fit as rescue knives, given that they have the other additional features to support them. However, folding knives may be more advantageous in case you are looking for an EDC. This is because they can be folded and well in a pocket compared to the fixed blade knives.

On the other hand, the fixed blades are more potent are strong than the folding knives. They do no need deployment as they are already intact. All you need is to put them into action.

What knives do firefighters need?

First responders need a substantial knife with a good grip and is easy to open if there is an emergency. Additionally, the knife should have other supportive features like a sharp and serrated blade for the fast execution of tasks.

Is it illegal to carry a rescue knife in the streets?

That will depend on the laws of your jurisdiction and whether you are fully involved in the rescuing job, a firefighter, or a police officer. This is because criminals may carry weapons in the name of helping but with evil intentions.

Can I give a rescue knife a gift to a fireperson?

Definitely! They are good gifts to award a devoted firefighter, and it may be of great help in his line of duty.

Should rescue knives be multi-functional?

Of course, they should be able to complete multiple tasks without having to carry other tools. Before settling for a rescue knife, ensure it is multi-purpose.

Final Verdict

Firefighting is sometimes risky, and only bold-hearted people can handle the harsh nature of the job. However, if you are a professional, you know the essence of first-class tools, especially a rescue knife, in the line of duty. I hope you have scrutinized the article, and now you are in a position to pick the best out of the best.

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