11 Affordable Nursery Ideas | Extra Space Storage (2023)

Welcoming a new baby into your life is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming to face so many added expenses. Fortunately, designing a nursery doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out these 11 affordable baby room ideas to create a cute baby room on a budget!

Paint the Walls

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Painting your baby room using color theory is a simple, affordable way to make a big difference in your space. When shopping, consider buying non-toxic wall paint so air quality isn’t sacrificed for style. When it comes to the best nursery room paint colors, go for colors like bright butter yellow or soft pinks to bring out a fun and welcoming energy. Opt for mood-boosting paint colors like peach or lilac to foster a happy or relaxed atmosphere. Go with a more calming vibe and use colors like pine green, dark salmon pink, or baby blue. For a less busy, more versatile look, you can’t go wrong with white or neutral walls!

Get Creative with Wall Art

If you’re looking for a simple nursery decor idea, try stick-on wall decals or wallpaper. You can find plenty of cute designs online that feature animals, forests, flowers, and more. These can be easily removed when your young one grows up and you’d like to redecorate the walls. For those looking to flex their artistic talents, use personalized stencils or learn how to paint a mural. You could also buy personalized wall statement pieces like custom-made baby name neon signs or flags to fill empty space and tie the room together.


Opt for a Convertible Crib

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Invest in a convertible crib that grows with your little one. The upfront cost may be higher than a regular baby cot, but a good one can last from infancy through the preschool years and beyond, which can save you money in the end. Some convertible cribs even allow for mattress height customization—as your child grows older and is able to sit up and stand, lowering the crib’s height can reduce their risk of injury.

Keep Bedding Simple

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Though it may be tempting to fill your baby’s crib with lots of adorable bedding, pillows, and toys, opting for hanging crib decor is safer and can be a more affordable baby room idea in the long run. Not only that, but crib bedding may pose a hazard to your baby—instead, use the money you would’ve spent placing fun baby room decor above and around your crib to make the centerpiece of your nursery stand out. Create a custom crib canopy to provide shade for afternoon naps. Hang a cot mobile, which is not only visually appealing to your baby, but can also aid in cognitive development. These can be clipped onto the side rails of the crib or even be dangled from the ceiling.Just be sure they’re out of your baby’s reach for safety purposes.

Use a Dresser as a Changing Station

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Skip buying a changing table and make use of your current dresser as a changing station. With this inexpensive baby room idea, all you need to do is secure a topper with brackets and add a silicone or waterproof changing mat that’s comfortable and easy to clean. Include a basket filled with all your changing supplies, and you’ve got a changing station! Anchoring the dresser to the wall is also an important way to baby-proof your nursery, so it’s not a hazard once your little one starts walking. When your child moves on from diapers, you can simply remove the topper and use it as a standalone dresser!

Add Personality with Drawer Pulls

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Another easy and cheap nursery decor idea is to swap out your old dresser drawer handles for more eye-catching alternatives. For instance, if you have a woodland or safari themed nursery, spice up the dresser by choosing animal drawer knobs. Drawer pulls are offered in a wide variety of shapes and designs to fit your nursery room decor—and if you want to change the room’s theme later, they can always be switched out again so you don’t need to replace the entire dresser!

Use Shelving for Storage & Decor

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Using shelving to blend form and function is a great nursery storage idea. Organize baby room essentials like burp cloths, diapers, clothes, and more in a cubed storage unit. If things get a little out of hand, you can always hide the mess with storage bin drawers. You can also take advantage of vertical storage by installing floating shelves—use these for organization or to display books and toys as decor. If you choose shelves with hooks or a bar, you can even hang some of your baby’s cute outfits as decor!

Embrace Secondhand Items

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While cribs are best bought new, as older cribs may not be up-to-date with current safety standards—you can still find secondhand baby items that are modern and secure. If you’re looking for nursery decor on a budget, drop by your local thrift store or browse sites like Facebook Marketplace for preloved nursery furniture or decor. Look out for storage essentials like side tables, wicker baskets, and cubed storage shelves. Thrifting statement pieces like mirrors, paintings, or rugs can also add a fun touch to your baby room without breaking the bank. Similarly, ask around to family and friends who may be decluttering their nursery items.

Install Fun & Functional Lighting

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Lighting is an important baby room feature. Install a cloud or animal-shaped pendant light to give the illusion of a taller ceiling.Add a fun touch with glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers that come in constellations and other unique shapes. Don’t forget about appropriate lighting for nursing and checking in on your baby at night. Plug a night light into the wall or place a small lamp on a side table that can also act as a decorative piece for your nursery. And to darken the room for daytime naps, you can add blackout curtains.

Go Green with Plants

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Whether you want to create your dream jungle-themed nursery or just bring some freshness to the room, house plants can do the trick. It’s important to keep safety in mind, though–choose plants with soft, round edges instead of spiky ones so your baby doesn’t get injured, and be sure to opt for non-toxic plants in case they get curious and put them in their mouth. There are plenty of options for adding plants to your space—from placing a few succulents, an African violet, or goldfish plant by the window, to hanging some dried flowers. Alternatively, the Kentia palm and parlor palm are both non-toxic air purifiers that can provide an outdoor look to your baby room.

Choose a Multipurpose Nursing Chair

One must-have nursery item is a nursing chair. It’s important to find one that’s comfortable for long hours spent nursing or pumping. The good news is that you can find plenty of affordable options without having to sacrifice style. Consider getting one with a timeless design that can be repurposed into a lounge chair when your little one grows older.Or repurpose a chair you already have in your home that you don’t use much. When you no longer need it for your nursery, you can simply put it back where it was!



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What is a good budget for a nursery? ›

According to The Bump you'll probably spend about $2,000 on all you need for your new nursery. But your nursery decorating ideas will depend on your Wants, your style and where you shop. For example, most big box stores offer cribs for around $150-$400, while cribs at baby boutiques can cost $3,000 or more.

How do you maximize space in a small nursery? ›

17 Baby Room Ideas for Small Spaces
  1. Make Room for Baby in Your Bedroom. ...
  2. Turn Unused Storage Space into a Small Nursery. ...
  3. Create a Small Closet Nursery. ...
  4. Choose a Nursery Design Theme. ...
  5. Use Paint Colors to Make the Room Seem Larger. ...
  6. Add Wall Art to Provide Personality. ...
  7. Include Lighting to Brighten Up the Space.
Oct 27, 2022

What is the best age for nursery? ›

Most children starting their nursery schools are aged 2-3. All children belonging to this age category are independent with a curious attitude, so they have a growing interest in other children. They also understand how to use a spoon and fork, which means they are ready to start nursery school.

How many hours should a child go to nursery? ›

Some of these benefits are even more pronounced for disadvantaged children who start to attend formal ECEC sessions no later than the age of two. The DfE impact study shows that 2-year-olds benefit most if they receive early education and care for an absolute minimum of 10 hours per week by the age of two.

Are nurseries cheaper than Home Depot? ›

Most nurseries charge more than Home Depot.

How do you maximize storage in a child's room? ›

14 Space-Saving Design Ideas for Small Kids Rooms
  1. Get Creative with Vertical Storage. Photo via @bluestonehill. ...
  2. Go Vertical with Beds, Too. ...
  3. Opt for a Twin Bed. ...
  4. Utilize Under Bed Storage. ...
  5. Keep Some Toys Out of Reach. ...
  6. Place Storage Cubbies within Reach. ...
  7. Hang Your Kids' Clothes. ...
  8. Store Shoes & Accessories in Storage Bins.
Oct 27, 2022

What color room is best for a baby? ›

Soft Greens

Surround your baby with the nurturing power of mother nature by choosing a light or medium green color such as sage or moss. Blue greens, like mint or seafoam, are also an excellent choice and promote peace and health.

How many layers should a baby have in a house? ›

As a guide, dress your baby in the same number of layers you're wearing, plus one extra layer for warmth. Although it's important to keep newborns warm, it's just as important that your baby doesn't overheat, especially during sleep. A safe infant sleeping bag can be a good option for dressing your baby for bed.

What is the best way to utilize space in a small room? ›

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger: 18 Design & Organization Tips
  1. Find a Bed Frame with Under Bed Storage. ...
  2. Get More Flexibility with a Murphy Bed. ...
  3. Build a Custom Platform Bed. ...
  4. Add Storage with Footboards. ...
  5. Utilize Multi-Purpose Furniture. ...
  6. Replace Nightstands with Nesting Tables. ...
  7. Use Wall Space for Storage.
Oct 27, 2022

What are the golden rules in a nursery? ›

We are kind to others and don't hurt them. We speak to each other - we don't shout. We tidy up our toys when we are finished playing. We listen to others when they speak.

What is the most important item in the nursery? ›

1. Crib. A crib is the centerpiece of your child's nursery and is arguably the most important piece of furniture you can have in a nursery.

What is the most important thing in a nursery? ›

1. CRIB. The most important piece of furniture in the nursery is the crib. A crib is made to the highest specifications and is the safest sleep environment possible for your baby.

Is daycare stressful for babies? ›

Starting daycare can be a stressful time, for both babies and parents alike. Some babies will adapt quickly, while others will cry every morning for many weeks.

How can starting nursery affect a child's Behaviour? ›

Nursery provides a routine and structure to your child's day, which can include meal times, naps, indoor and outdoor activities. This routine helps them to feel more confident and secure, in control of their feelings and is great preparation for school.

What is the ratio for 2 year olds in a nursery? ›

Children Aged Two:

At least one member of staff for every four children aged two.

Can I get 30 hours free childcare if I earn over 100k? ›

If you or your partner have an expected 'adjusted net income' over £100,000 in the current tax year, you will not be eligible.

Do nurseries have to offer 15 hours free? ›

All three and four year old children are entitled to free 15 hours early education and childcare (570 hours in total per academic year). The 15 hours are usually taken 38 weeks per year (term time) for at least 3 hours, 5 days per week.

What age can a child be left at home for a few hours? ›

While every child is different, we wouldn't recommend leaving a child under 12 years old home alone, particularly for longer periods of time. Children in primary school aged 6-12 are usually too young to walk home from school alone, babysit or cook for themselves without adult supervision.

What nursery does Costco use? ›

“We're honored to partner with Costco, Nature Hills Nursery, Gardener's Supply Co.

Is it OK not to have a nursery? ›

And if you're stressing about the cost of a nursery, or wondering if you have the space to create one for your child, remember that a nursery is truly optional. Your baby will be just fine without one. Don't let advertisers dictate what's needed for a happy, healthy home and childhood.

What are disadvantages of plant nurseries? ›

Disadvantages of nursery

The initial cost is so high that poor people are not able to make it easier. It needs an efficient and Technical person in the permanent nursery. Transportation cost is high. Sometimes, high land and source of water are not available for making an ideal nursery.

How do I make my kids room less cluttered? ›

8 Ways to Declutter Your Child's Room
  1. Organize with Storage Bins.
  2. Maximize Cabinets and Shelf Space.
  3. Rotate Toys for Variety.
  4. Donate Toys.
  5. Look for Space-Saving Toys.
  6. Schedule Clean-Ups.
  7. Keep the Floor Clear.
  8. Use the Walls.

How do I maximize space in a 10x10 room? ›

There you have it: 8 hacks for fitting a queen bed in a 10' x 10' room.
  1. Get a Large Area Rug.
  2. Bed Goes on the Longest Wall.
  3. Use Bedside Tables Instead of Nightstands.
  4. Get a Kid Size Dresser.
  5. Hang Curtains High.
  6. Get a Tall Headboard.
  7. Keep the Wall Color Light.
  8. Do Not Over Crowd the Room with Furniture.
Jan 24, 2020

What are 5 essential nursery items that should be purchased before a baby arrives? ›

  • Must-have baby things to buy before birth.
  • Crib and/or bassinet.
  • Crib mattress.
  • Darkening curtains.
  • Swing.
  • Baby monitor.
  • Swaddles.
  • Receiving blankets.
Apr 20, 2021

What are four things that should not be in a crib? ›

Pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed animals, and other soft products should not be placed in a crib. Babies have suffocated on such items in the crib.

What are 3 things that an infant should not sleep in? ›

Don't let your baby sleep in a carrier, sling, car seat or stroller. Babies who sleep in these items can suffocate. If your baby falls asleep in one, take her out and put her in her crib as soon as you can. Don't put your baby to sleep on soft surfaces, like a waterbed, sofa, soft mattress or cushion.

How far from the wall should a crib be? ›

Place the crib at least two feet away from heating vents, windows, window-blind cords, drapery or wall lamps and one foot from walls and furniture. Cover the mattress with a snug-fitting crib sheet with elastic corners and nothing more.

Where do I start when decorating a nursery? ›

Stress-free Timeline to Designing Your Nursery
  1. Choose a theme and your budget by 18-20 weeks. ...
  2. Order your furniture by 21-23 weeks. ...
  3. Paint or wallpaper by 23-25 weeks. ...
  4. Choose storage solutions and get those installed by 25-27 weeks. ...
  5. Add all the extras to make it beautiful by 27-30 weeks. ...
  6. By 36 weeks have it all complete.

When should I start decorating my nursery? ›

Some parents want to get through the early stages of pregnancy before starting the nursery design. Others start gathering inspiration and working on their nursery early in the pregnancy. On average most expectant parents start working on the baby's nursery around 18-20 weeks.

What are the three basics of decorating? ›

It's attention to these three important ingredients — function, mood and personality — that ensures decorating success. Before painting and rearranging, spend some time thinking about your family and how you live. Look through magazines for inspiration and pull out ideas or rooms that appeal to you.

Should a nursery be dark or bright? ›

Light is stimulating to your baby's brain, while darkness promotes sleep. That means light is perfect for awake time, but darkness is best for nights and naps. Even though darkness is best for sleep, you don't have to lock yourself in the house every time your baby needs to nap.

What is basic facilities for a nursery? ›

Generally a good nursery should consist of water tank/pond, water pump/pump house, seed and fertilizer store room, implement shed, germination/mother bed area; potting/container filling area, seedling raising area, worker mess/hall, office room, propagation structures, compost area, etc.

What is the youngest age for nursery? ›

3 and above. More than two thirds of children begin nursery before their third birthday, but this isn't to say that children must necessarily begin nursery before this age, or begin it at all.

What colors are best for a nursery? ›

6 Best Colors for Painting a Nursery
  1. Subtle Blues. Gentle and soothing, light and medium shades of blue are said to aid in relaxing both body and mind. ...
  2. Nurturing Greens. ...
  3. Cozy Pinks / Elegant Purples. ...
  4. Earth-Inspired Neutrals. ...
  5. Soothing Whites. ...
  6. Contemplative Grays.
Feb 8, 2019

What temperature is too cold for nursery? ›

You don't want your baby's room to be either too hot or too cold. It's recommended that the best temperature for babies is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

What is the most popular nursery theme? ›

Woodland has been one of the most popular nursery themes for several years. It's really fun to decorate the nursery with cute woodland animals and it works great for a boy or a girl. Check out below some ideas to pull off this theme.


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